Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Debate Questions

I am so sorry! I promised myself I wouldn’t get political but I just couldn’t help myself. Fortunately no one reads my blog so I guess this is just me venting...

Have you ever watched a debate for elected office? I always thought the questions they ask the candidates were useless. They never ask real questions that get to the heart of what a candidate believes. Below are some suggestions for debate questions. I tried to break them into categories...

Where do my rights come from? Who gives me my rights? Do I have a right to fail?

Do I have a right to defend myself? Do I have a right to own a Glock 22 loaded with 165 grain hollow points and have it ready to be used to defend my family against a home invader? Does everyone in the United States have this right?

Do I have the right to post my opinion on my blog? Do I have a right to my privacy?

Who’s money is it? Mine or the Government’s? Who are the evil ‘rich’? Am I allowed to keep what I make? What does the word ‘fair’ mean?

Is the United States out of money? How did the US get so far in debt? What’s the plan to get out of debt?

Are entitlements rights?

As a citizen am I allowed to own property? Who really owns my house or the land my house sits on?

Are you for equal opportunity or equal outcome? What’s the difference?

What is social justice?

World View
Do other countries have the right to tell the United States what to do? Is the United States the greatest country on the face of the planet? If so, Why?

At what point should the United States get involved militarily in another part of the world? What is the purpose of the military?

The Environment
Should I be allowed to keep my thermostat set to 75° if I want to? Do I really have to use those @#$@ing swirly light bulbs even though they are made with mercury and they take 4 times as much energy to produce than normal light blubs?

Can I drive my 2006 Toyota Tacoma that gets 20 mpg? Can I go 4 wheeling on public land?

Should I be fined or arrested if I really don’t want to recycle?

How should we reduce our dependence on buying oil from countries who hate us?

Tax Policy
Is it within the purview of government to use the tax code to induce social change?

Again, what is ‘fair’?

Why is it that most Americans don’t even pay income taxes?


Anonymous said...

You need to get yourself to a rally!

Mela said...

I HATE those stupid light bulbs! They take a freakin' year to even turn on all the way. By time they do turn on you are done with what you were doing in that room anyway! Oh wait... I think I see a conspiracy! They are just getting us use to not being able to see in our homes so that we won't be in so much shock when they take away our electricity! :0) Anyway, if they ban the others i am stocking up on them! I hate those stupid swirly light bulbs!