Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Family Pictures

Nothing brings a family closer than taking family pictures - not!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in The Land of Pima

We got back from The Land of Pima on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time. We did the following:
  • Ate far too much (gained 5 lbs)
  • Played the Wii far far far too much (it rained and Mario Cart was fun)
  • Chased cats
  • Routed wood
  • Followed Santa through the streets of Safford
  • Ate Mexican food
  • Went to WalMart 8 times
  • Bought Milk for $3.19 a gallon (rip off!!)
  • Bought Gas for $1.799 a gallon
  • Road the Quad far & wide - nearly drove into a ditch twice
  • Got my truck covered in mud
  • Helped Grandpa Lon in his shop
  • Installed Office 2003 on a laptop
  • Struggled with up & down internet (it was just terrible I tell you!)
  • Bought Christmas gifts
  • Went on a date with the wife (we saw 4 Christmas')
  • Watched the Cardinals loss
  • Watched Handcock on Kyle's iPod Touch
  • Jaedyn barfed all over Kyle - Kyle took it like a man (You aren't a real man or real woman until you've had a child barf all over you)
  • Nursed Jaedyn back to health
  • Took pictures
  • Played with many cousins
Below are some pictures from the Land of Pima AZ...