Thursday, February 26, 2009

What’s been going on...

Not too much.

I did have to officiate a funeral last week. The funeral was for a member in our ward who I have never met. The bishop was out of town and so it fell upon me. Fun fun fun...

I speak in front of large groups of people all the time both for work and church. I usually don’t get very nervous. For this funeral I was VERY nervous. Most of the audience was non-members. Emotions were running high – lots of crying and upset people. My heart went out to everyone present. I really hope they felt the spirit of the talks given and I bore testimony of the Plan of Salvation.

I am so grateful to know that life doesn’t begin at birth and it doesn’t end at death.

Mela and I are working to get back to basics. We are eating out a lot less and cooking a lot more (actually Mela is doing the cooking – you wouldn’t want me to cook). We’ve been trying to steer the kids away from watching TV towards, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, actually playing outside. I get a kick out of riding bikes with Andrew and, believe it or not, riding bikes with daddy is Andrew’s favorite thing to do.

We’re not always successful in getting the kids away from the TV but we are doing better. 76 degree days make it a lot easier to get everyone out of the house. I worry about the 110 degree days...

On another note: I survived another round of layoffs at Schwab the other day. I have survived 4 rounds of layoffs in my 11 years at the Land of Schwab. I am very grateful for my job. I make enough money to so Mela can stay home with the kids and so I can support my technology habit. Over the last year I had applied for 2 different positions in other departments. Both times it came down to choosing me or some other guy and, you guessed it, they choose the other guy. I am really glad I didn’t get those positions. I would be really stressed out being the new guy with all the cutting going on.

Life is good. Life is busy.

Sorry for not posting on my blog for a long time. For some reason they locked down blogger here in the Land of Schwab so I have to post stuff from home. When I’m at home I get distracted by kids wanting the play and the wive wanting to “play” also. Terrible!!